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Jello Dildos -- Once the Desire Attacks

June 3 2013 Published on #Dildos

Sometimes a girl just has to grab onto something, if you know what I mean. If youve been exercising your pelvic floor muscles with those love balls I told you about in the last post, your pussy likely will want to bite down on bigger and better things....

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Stimulant Falls To obtain The woman's Within the Feeling

June 3 2013 Published on #dildos

Sometimes she needs a little help getting in the mood. The desire just isnt quite there, and she asks for your help. Maybe shes tired. After all, tackling the day job, caring for kids, and tending house is exhausting. By nightfall she might be too wiped...

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Youre In no way As well Aged With regard to Adult toys

June 3 2013 Published on #sexy, #sex life, #sex toys

Ah, love. Love is in the air. Another happy couple got married recently. Im sure the usual trappings were evident beautiful gown, snappy suit, hundreds of guests, bouquets of flowers, sumptuous celebration dinner, ice sculpture, and even a chocolate fountain....

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The actual SexToysBrand Discussion boards -- Where with regard to Intercourse Guidance as well as Mischievous Discussion!

May 17 2013 Published on #Male sex toys, #ben wa balls, #love, #couple, #sex life

Let's look at the positives - you love your husband, you've enjoyed 14 years together and you want to spend the rest of your life with him.Question:My husband and I have been together for 14 years. I really don't find him attractive any more as he has...

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This particular 7 days upon Adult toys TELEVISION

May 17 2013 Published on #Adult toys

As part of my blog's Erotic Story Competition, we set out to find the best erotic writers in two categories - long stories and quickies.The winner of the my blog Erotic Quickie Award is the fabulous Anna Darcy for her story Double Bubble and LELO INA...

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My personal Vibrator as well as We -- Why you need to End up being Happy with your own Adult toys!

May 17 2013 Published on #Oral Sex Light, #sex, #sexy story

This year's Erotic Story Competition received more entries than ever before - and the quality was simply astounding!With hundreds of stories submitted, it was down to my blog head buyer Bonny Hall, Black Lace author-extraordinaire Cheryl Mildenhall and...

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Would you buy a toy from it Which food cart pod would it most thrive in?

May 4 2013

A burlesque artist stops by, with her mother in hot pursuit.Sh! Girl makes a wee joke about bringing ones mum to a sex shop, but it turns out this mum actually used to work in the industry, so the 4 sisters grew up discussing sex around the dining table.?Hilarious...

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his is definitely not a sex toy for the power shy

May 4 2013 Published on #anal dildo, #realistic vibrator, #female sexuality

Girls Get Busy is a feminist collective supporting female-identified writers, musicians and artists with a monthly zine.Based in London and curated by Beth SiveyerId always been interested in female sexuality, but was very aware from a young age that...

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Sex toys are also a great way to explore the prostate

April 27 2013 Published on #sex toys, #prostate, #anal pleasure

A chart of male anal anatomy from Tristan Taorminos Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for MenThe prostate gland is an integral part of the male bodys sexual and reproductive anatomy. Located just below the bladder, its job along with the seminal vesicles...

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Dildos can also be found in Greek vase art from the 6th century B.C

April 27 2013 Published on #Dildos, #sex toys, #soft leather

Dildos can also be found in Greek vase art from the 6th century B.C., in depictions of both group sex and solitary female masturbation. Around this time, an early version of the dildo called the olisbos was invented in the Greek port of Miletus. Olisbos...

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